Mandatory Joint Custody?

HB 4141, sponsored by Rep. Runestad (R-White Lake) received a hearing before the House Families, Children and Seniors committee in September. This bill would enact a mandatory joint physical and legal custody arrangement unless, by clear and convincing evidence, a parent can prove the other parent “unfit, unwilling or unable to care for the child.” […]

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Back to School Tips

BACK TO SCHOOL CUSTODY QUESTIONS ANSWERED! As children settle into a new school year, it’s important to work with your ex or co-parent regarding how involved they will be in the child’s education. Michigan advocates for both parents to be involved, even if one parent has sole custody. Make a plan so you can help […]

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Reasonable Preference of the Child

THE REASONABLE PREFERENCE OF THE CHILD Over the years in consulting clients about custody disputes regarding their children, I have been told that the child or children would prefer to be with one parent or the other. Under Michigan law a child’s reasonable preference is but 1 of 12 factors that a court must consider […]

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December Newsletter

LET US HELP YOU FIGHT BACK AGAINST PARENTAL ALIENATION Have you noticed a change in the relationship you have with your child and suspect that your ex might be speaking negatively about you to them? This is called parental alienation and is becoming more common with divorced couples that co-parent. When one parent intentionally attempts […]

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Mediation in Divorce

I recently read a great article that discussed why mediation in divorce is so important these days. It got me to thinking how often I have to counsel clients on the necessity (in some courts it’s court ordered and mandatory) and benefits of mediation. So what is it? Generally in the divorce context mediation is […]

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Child Support Law Changes

Andre Mays Bio

Recent amendments to the Michigan Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act went into effect in March 2015. Some highlights include; Address Changes and Notice: If you are in the “system” and you move and fail to notify the court you may not receive any notices of actions against you or documents. Essentially if notices sent […]

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