Recent Cases

Change of Domicile; client sought to relocate to another State to seek better employment opportunity. Client and ex-spouse had joint custody order in Michigan. Successfully litigated case allowing client to relocate and providing ex-spouse reasonable parenting time.

Grandparent Visitation; defended a request for grandparent visitation where grandparent lived out of State and minor child did not wish spend extended periods away from parent in Michigan.

Change of Custody; we have recently prosecuted several matters where a child begins to live with a different parent by consent however the parents do not inform the Friend of the Court or get a modification of custody order. Child support is still being paid by the parent who now has custody. The recipient of the child support then refuses to cooperate with canceling the child support. We have successfully litigated these cases which resulted in change of custody orders, cancellation of child support and new support orders being generated against the parent who was once receiving child support.

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