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Traditional Legal Representation

So You Can Focus on What’s Next

Traditional Legal Representation

Love is a matter of the heart, but divorce is a matter of law. Stress, resentment, acrimony—there’s practically no limit to the emotions divorce proceedings can stir up and intensify. You need someone in your corner to fight for what you’re owed so that you can move on and focus on what comes next. Amaze Legal Services can help you.

At Amaze Legal Services, we’ll put our 30 years of legal expertise to work for you starting on day 1. No matter the stakes, no matter how contentious the relationship, we’ll fight like hell to give you the best chance of a swift, successful, satisfying separation. Going it alone or with a less experienced attorney on your side can cost you time, money, and no small amount of grief. Let us go to work on your behalf so that you can focus on putting your life back together.

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Three Decades of Experience At Your Disposal

From start to finish, we can handle your case for a fixed fee based on the expected time and complexity of your unique case. If your case requires additional time and services beyond the initial rate, we can advise you before taking any additional steps. In any event, when you engage Amaze Legal Services, you’re always in charge.

Attorney Andre Mays graduated cum laude from The Detroit College of Law and was named a Trustee Scholar before going on to an illustrious, 30-year career. He has served as a former Special Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Wayne County, Michigan, and Field Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board. Now, Andre serves as the Legal Services Director for the Juvenile Law Group, PLLC in Detroit, providing him unique insights into family law that he’ll use to present the strongest case for you.

A Fair, Honest, and Successful Divorce Attorney

Helping our clients navigate their divorce or family law matters successfully with care and understanding. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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