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Other Legal Services Offered

With many years of experience in divorce law, our practice areas are malleable and we are capable of assisting you with all aspects of your family law matter from issues such as court order modifications, to post-divorce issues such as pension/domestic relations orders, and the enforcement of court orders.

Browse our services below to find a form of representation most suitable to your needs. If you’re not sure which path is right for you, contact us for help.

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Child Custody

Marriages end, but you’ll never stop being a parent. At Amaze Legal Services, we know how to fight for your parental rights and privileges in a way that’s respectful of your child or children. With their futures (and yours) on the line, we’ll do everything in our power to present the strongest case for custody.

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Child Support

Whether you’re pursuing or negotiating a fair child support agreement, you need legal representation. Without a dedicated attorney at your side, you can quickly end up receiving too little or paying too much. Don’t let your child’s future financial security come down to a castaway decision. We can help you today.

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Parenting Time

Even after the divorce and custody hearing, you still have rights as a parent. Don’t let a contentious separation come between you and your children. Let us fight with you to maintain that vital relationship.

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A Fair, Honest, and Successful Divorce Attorney

Helping our clients navigate their divorce or family law matters successfully with care and understanding. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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