We are conscientious family law attorneys. We have children, we have personally lived the issues our clients face. We have empathy and wisdom from having endured our own family and domestic issues.

We are fair and reasonable in our fees and we do not perform unnecessary tasks to increase them. We seek amicable equitable results for clients so they can move on with their lives.

We often advise clients that a good ending to a divorce is where there are no winners and neither party feels they had the upper hand.

However, when there are no solutions or advantages to our clients in settling their cases we can be formidable adversaries with years of trial experience. We fight when necessary and we win.

Divorce is stressful. We are partners in the struggles our clients face. We take very seriously our role as counselors for our clients. Every client’s goal in a divorce is different. One may seek a quick resolution one may seek to ensure they are economically viable in their post-divorce lives. We never forget we work for you to achieve your goals and expectations.


When it comes to matters of child custody you want a law firm that has you and your child’s best interests in mind. We have the experience to help resolve the custody issues between you and your ex-spouse in a timely matter so that you and your child can move on with your lives.


Parents will almost always disagree on matters of child support, that’s why you need a law attorney who has your back. We will ensure that you are prepared in this difficult time, argue your position and protect your rights in all matters of Child Support battles.


We specialize in flat fee simple uncontested divorce matters. Under the flat fee model, we quote the client a fee in advance for the case and that fee remains fixed for the remainder of the case unless some unanticipated event occurs. But even then we quote a flat, fixed fee for that additional event. The base flat fee for an uncontested divorce with no children can be as low as $399 depending on where you live while the base flat fee for an uncontested divorce with children begins at $999.00. Again these fees are based on where we file your case.

Complex litigation and trials are hourly billed normally.

Flat fee pricing for family law cases represents a substantial value for clients and simplifies the process for both attorney and client. But it is important to understand the limitations of flat fee pricing ahead of time to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Therefore we provide clients with a detailed, comprehensive fee agreement that fully explains what is and what is not included.

Our clients are grateful that we are able to quote a fee for the case, giving them the assurance of knowing that everything necessary will be done to move the case forward. In addition, our clients know that we are not doing unnecessary work or otherwise trying to maximize legal fees.

If you prefer hourly based billing we will accommodate your request.

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